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During the past 2 years, Capital Cell has helped to close 14 successful investment campaigns.

14 campaigns which translate into 14 biotechnology projects we helped to grow. But… what happened to them? Where are they now?

Today we share with you a brief update on the latest developments of some of these successful companies:



Capital raised: 100K €

End of campaign: 01/12/2014

Where is IPROTEOS now?


“After the crowdfunding campaign carried out in 2014, we have boosted our pipeline, with the advancement in Schizophrenia and Epilepsy programs, and the incorporation of two new programs (atherosclerosis and paediatric cancer). Besides, the technological platform, IPROTech has incorporated a series of new features that improve its remarkable application in the generation of new drugs against intracellular targets.”
Regarding the schizophrenia program two of the milestones achieved by iproteos were: “a solid patent of compound family has been obtained and it is currently in national phases with satisfactory progress. The lead compound is currently in regulatory preclinical phase and we will start Phase I clinical trials (first-in-human) in 2018.”



Capital raised: 151K €

End of campaign: 15/12/2015

Where is MINTLAB now?


“Recently we have closed a seed investment round of $3 million. A round led by a California based private family office team, with additional funds coming from reputable private investors such as Dr. Walter Gilbert (co-founder of Biogen and Nobel Laureate), Stephen Schweich, among others. We are extremely excited to have onboard innovators such as prof. Walter Gilbert to gain strategic experience in the industry and help us achieve this. Mint Labs is transforming brain healthcare by providing an online platform for sharing data, and standardized quantification algorithms. The investment enables the company to provide a better product by enhancing the data storage capabilities and state-of-the-art algorithms, and ensuring a sustainable platform with excellent support to our collaborators. We currently partner with more than 60 centers across the world, including academic and research centers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies, and we manage more than 350,000 different brain scans.”



Capital raised: 91K €

End of campaign: 27/09/2016

Where is PUMP IT now?


“In March of this year we have built our first functional prototype together with the National Center of Microelectronics. We have already presented it to potential clients and research centers: Richi Social Entrepreneurs, NASA, Dolomite Microfluidics, PhilipsMIT Microfluidics, and after these key meetings we have decided to make important improvements to it. Last June,Pump It Nanotech partnered with a CSIC research group in Madrid to improve the prototype.
The Sociedad de Capital RiesgoUp Catalonia entered into the stock of Pump It through a convertible loan. During these months Pump It Nanotech has also participated in the ESADE CREAPOLIS Empenta Program and in theBoosterWe of RedEmprendia and Banco Santander Universidades.”



Capital raised: 1.2M €

End of campaign: 31/03/2017

Where is BIONURE now?


“We have received authorisation from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to undertake their first clinical trial on healthy volunteers. The next step is to get the approval by the ethical committee (bureaucratic procedure) that will allow us to start the clinical phase in the UK. At that time we will have successfully completed the milestone we set for the crowdfunding campaign.”



Capital raised: 300K €

End of campaign: 01/04/2017

Where is AROMICS now?

Economia Carmen Plasencia  consejera delegada y cofundadora de Aromics

“The investment round on Capital Cell’s platform represents the first funding seed to advance on the pre-clinical development of the new treatment for malignant mesothelioma. Since its closure, we have started the compound scaling and synthesis processes, as well as the design of the active ingredient characterization studies. Pharmacokinetic studies are expected to be initiated shortly. We have also expanded the analysis of the compound activity in primary models of malignant mesothelioma and have initiated new collaborations with reference hospitals in Europe and the United States.”



Capital raised: 187K €

End of campaign: 02/06/2017

Where is TBIOM now?


“More or less a month ago we’ve closed our crowdfunding campaign on Capital Cell. We’ve achieved 125% of our initial goal: € 187,423.90, thanks to the 51 investors who believed in our project. During this time we have continued to work on the design and development of the product and its components. We have also had the opportunity to share the successful story of Airmony in Madrid at the 5th Investment Forum of Capital Cell and 2 weeks ago we have been awarded the 2nd prize of the 8th edition of FEMINDÚSTRIA – “Premi d’un idea a una realitat”, organised by theCol·legi d’Enginyers Industrials de Catalunya with ENGINOVA,La Salle Technova Barcelona, Leitat Technological Center y TecnoCampus Mataró-Maresme. An important recognition of the entrepreneurial spirit and the value of the Airmony project.”


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